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Dealing with infertility issues

Infertility is when a couple can’t get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex. The common definition is when pregnancy has not occurred after more than a year.

According to the NHS, some 84 percent of couples will conceive naturally within a year if they have regular sex every two or three days. While that percentage may seem high, it still means that one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving – that’s approximately 3.5 million people in the UK.

There are many potential causes of infertility, and fertility problems can affect either the man or the woman in a couple. But in a quarter of cases it isn’t possible to identify the cause.

Can nutrition help increase our chances of getting pregnant?

Trying and being unable to conceive easily can be a stressful period for a couple – seeking medical advice from health professionals, reducing stress, living a healthier lifestyle and having better eating habits may all help increase the chances of a couple getting pregnant.

How Endure can help

I understand the barriers to getting pregnant – my wife and I had trouble conceiving for many years and we were only successful when we made health and lifestyle changes that increased our chances.

My training emphasised a functional medicine approach to look holistically and individually at each client’s personal circumstances. I’ll attempt to identify any nutritional and lifestyle imbalances that might be reducing your chances of getting pregnant.

I’ll work closely with other healthcare professionals who are assisting you in your attempts to conceive to ensure our approaches are streamlined to give you the best possible chance of conceiving.

What you can expect

  • Before your first session both partners will be asked to complete a nutritional health questionnaire to give me an insight into your lifestyle. I will also ask you to keep a food and exercise diary.
  • At the first consultation we will discuss your situation and start to immediately look at ways in which we may be able to help in the short term. These may be basic changes to your nutrition or exercise regime or ways of better managing the stress associated with trying to conceive. If you have any test results that have been completed elsewhere, it would be good to bring copies to this consultation
  • I will run your food diary through professional software to ensure your intake is in line with recommendations. If I believe further testing is needed, to help us get a better picture of your health, I may recommend this.
  • Depending on your diet analysis and any other test results, I may recommend supplements to ensure you have all the right micronutritional co-factors needed to ensure your hormones are balanced to increase your chances of pregnancy.
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