Things you need to make sourdough

Here’s a list of all the things you need to make sourdough.  Buying from the provided links, helps fund the informational content that I offer for free to everyone.


The Handmade Loaf
Dan Lepard’s book is the ultimate bible when it comes to making homemade bread – it has some fantastic history as background and a tonne of recipes.

Salter digital ‘zeroing’ scales
You need a scale that will be highly accurate and that can be zeroed when you add a bowl, glass or jar to it. This is a great one from Salter

Set of 6 Weck jars (850ml)
These Weck jars are reasonably cheap, look great in a kitchen, can be used for making preserves and pickles too… but crucially have the loose lid to allow sourdough starter to breathe.

Emile Henry bread cloche
This is the amazing Emile Henry bread cloche (pictured) you will see in my Seven Days to Sourdough video. This one is in a pale colour. It’s made of ceramic and looks really nice. It also comes with a small ceramic knife for scouring the bread before it goes in the oven.

Kitchencraft bread cloche
A cheaper alternative than the Emily Henry version and not quite as rustic looking but does the job equally well.

Pyrex casserole dish
If you want to double up on equipment use, this Pyrex casserole dish can also work as a bread cloche and proofing basket (but you won’t get the pretty white flour circles on your loaf.

Kitchencraft baking stone
This stone can double up for use with pizzas – be aware that if you don’t use a cloche, you will need to add steam to your oven. Simply put a baking tray at the bottom while heating the oven, the throw some ice in when you add your bread to the oven. Make sure to close the door quickly and to have the temperature whacked up as the ice will cool the oven temperature (if only momentarily).

Proofing basket
Nice, rustic proofing basket with an elasticated cover, a brush and fork (I’ve never quite worked out what the latter is for).

Proofing basket, dough cutter and razor blade
Take the above and add a dough cutter and razor blade holder (no blades included though).

Kitchencraft dough cutter and scraper
Simple plastic cutter and scraper, just like the one seen in my video.

Dough whisk
If you feel the need to whisk your starter and water at the beginning like a pro does, this whisk will do the trick.

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