Endure Ultimate Body Change Plan

Are you fed up of constantly fighting a battle against the bulge? Do you struggle with sticking to the latest diet? Do you find it’s easier to put weight on than take it off? My Ultimate Body Change Plan could be for you.

Over five weeks, we’ll combine my nutrition and PT skills for the ultimate shape shifter to get you feeling healthy, full of energy and buzzing with confidence. And it will be a sustainable plan.

We’ll take apart your food intake, dive deep into what you eat and come up with a sustainable eating plan with delicious food that you’ll look forward to eating, rather than  dreading.

We’ll also devise an exercise plan that is bespoke to you and that has you doing things you enjoy rather than feeling you’re a hamster on a treadmill. We’ll make sure your energy intake (the food you eat) is healthy and providing you with enough fuel, while still making you feel full, and, if needed, we’ll get your gut balanced to make sure you’re absorbing the best from your food.

What the Ultimate Body Change Plan includes:

  • Full body analysis including body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat (the killer fat around your organs) assessment and metabolic age – the age at which your body is burning calories
  • 2 x 1 hour nutrition therapy sessions – including full diet analysis through professional diet software
  • 5 x 45-minute bespoke personal training sessions in my home gym
  • Home fitness programme
  • Free attendance at my Monday night Insanity Live! group exercise class
  • Help setting up a nutrition app to better record and manage your calorific intake and the kinds of food you eat
  • Shopping list of nutritious food and recipes

All this for just £380*

* Must be paid in total ahead of the plan starting. I may recommend supplements which will be at an extra cost. I can order these for you at a discount from some of the best suppliers, or I can give you a list of what you might need and you can buy your own.

What people have said about my weight-loss programmes

“I’ve lost weight, changed my body shape and have seen a drop in body fat. My energy levels and strength have increased dramatically” – Amelia, North Leeds

“I hired James to help me lose two stone gained after having two children. His sessions were informative and effective. If he can motivate someone like me, who was formerly a couch potato, he can motivate anyone” – Julia, South London

“The best investment ever made! I had lost motivation for exercise, over indulged, and felt generally quite sluggish…. The dietary advice was really easy to follow and tailored exactly to my situation.  Armed with tips and insight to help combat stress and it’s related sugar cravings, I have  not only lost a stone over 5 weeks, but  also feel full of energy and highly motivated” – Helen, North Leeds

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