Eat Right For Your Gene Type


We’ve teamed up with leading Canadian nutrition science experts Nutrigenomix based at the renowned University of Toronto to provide the latest in cutting edge science – a Personalised DNA Nutrition Assessment which provides an accurate and detailed nutrition-specific profile to be built from your DNA. We’ll take this information and develop a finely tuned, personal plan – absolutely bespoke to you. No two of us are the same, no two diet plans should be the same.

We are all different

We all have a set if genes bestowed on us by our parents – and now science can delve right into our DNA to see just how those genes determine how we metabolise certain compounds. For example, people with a variation of the CYP1A2 gene metabolise caffeine more slowly and are at an increased risk of heart attack or hypertension if they drink more than a couple of cups of coffee a day.

A simple test

With just a simple saliva test that takes little more than a few minutes to do, Nutrigenomix can analyse 45 different gene variants that give an indication of how we process many key vitamins and minerals, what our chances are of being gluten or lactose intolerant,  and whether our bodies are more suited to endurance or power sports. In certain areas, the test can even highlight our risk of injury.

Interpreting the results

A full test report is delivered in around three weeks and can be in either PDF or printed format. As an authorised Nutrigenomix affiliate, I can help you take the test and, if you wish, interpret the result and give you a programme based on your highly personalised report.

There are two tests you can take, depending on your aims

  • Health & Wellness – this comprehensive genetic test consists of a panel of 45 genetic markers that enable us to provide you with personalised nutrition advice and physical activity recommendations tailored to your DNA. The results of this test can impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health and food intolerances.
  • Athletic Performance – Specifically developed with the athlete in mind, to help enhance performance, this test consists of 45 genetic markers that impact nutritional requirements and athletic performance.
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