Increase Your Sports Performance


Correct nutrition can play a key role in sports performance. The amount of calories you consume, the type of food you eat, and the timing of when you eat can all have significant effects on how well you do before, during and after exercise or competition. You may already have a healthy diet and feel as though you’re following all the appropriate guidelines, but you may be unsatisfied with the way you perform, be lacking in energy, suffering tummy troubles when exercising, or not be recovering as well as you’d hope after competition.

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Who can increase their performance?

Whether you’re a first timer going from couch to 5k or a professional athlete, you can benefit from optimising your nutrition. Endure Nutrition can advise individuals or teams as a whole and across a wide range of sports, from football and cricket, to running and swimming.

I can also help those looking to sculpt their bodies for either personal or competition purposes – though I will only work with clean athletes. Optimum nutrition is about making the most of your diet combined only when necessary, with legal supplements from reputable companies with stringent testing procedures for their products.

How Endure can help

As well as a qualified, registered and insured nutrition therapist, I am also a REPS registered level three personal trainer and a competition level ultramarathon runner who has completed the historic 36-hour, 153-mile Spartathlon race in Greece four times.

Currently, I am reading for an MSc with sports nutrition as the subject for my research dissertation. Improving performance is my passion. I’ll take a look at your whole approach to both life and your sport, and rely on the latest evidence-based research to help get your performance goals on track.

What you can expect

  • Before your first session you will complete a sports nutritional health questionnaire to give me an insight into your aims and goals.
  • At the first consultation we will talk about those goals and look at your past performance before putting some initial ideas into practice.
  • I will run your food diary through professional software
  • I’ll develop a plan to help you meet a balance of being the right weight for your sport while consuming an appropriate amount of calories to optimise energy.
  • We may have to do some nutritional testing if you have deeper issues – and then I can adapt your plan according to the results.
  • I can provide advice on the best and most appropriate sports supplements.

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