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We all have different tastes and some people can be picky eaters – but if you cut entire food groups out of your diet or have simply fallen into bad habits, you are unlikely be achieving optimum nutrition. And poor nutrition can lead to a whole host of long-term health issues.

Nowhere is this more true than in the family home. On the one hand you have several different people with different tastes so trying to cater for them all can be a chore. On the other, younger people can be notoriously fussy when it comes to food, especially school-aged children who have massive peer pressure when it comes to eating.

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Help for you and your family

Studies indicate that parents with better nutritional knowledge and practices pass those on to their children. By taking steps in the right direction now, both you and your family can ensure you embark on a path to be as healthy as possible.

How Endure can help

As the father of young twin daughters, I understand how hard it can be to produce meals that please the whole family. Luckily, I’ve had years of trial and error to enable me to be a master of disguise when it comes to adding healthy options in the family diet!

I can help provide recipes, food plans, shopping outings and even tips on simple grow-your-own products such as sprouted seeds that will engage younger ones and enthuse them as they get more involved in the family feeding process.

What you can expect

  • Before you come I will ask you to complete a personal or family nutritional health questionnaire to give me an idea of everything from your current concerns to any past issues.
  • At the first consultation we will talk about those concerns before you go away and put some initial ideas for you or your family into practice.
  • I will run your family food diary through professional software to ensure your intake is in line with recommendations.
  • I’ll develop a nutritional plan to help support your family aims and provide ideas on simple, healthy family meals.
  • We may have to do some nutritional testing if you or one of your family have deeper issues.
  • I can provide advice on the best nutritional supplements for you.
  • I can do a kitchen assessment of your home to help determine where you can make improvements.

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