Help managing your weight loss

Help with losing weight

If you need help with weight loss, you are not alone! Most of us have been there at some point – we jump on the scales and take a sharp intake of breath, that extra portion, cheeky chocolate or couple of glasses of wine have taken their toll. At it’s most basic level, weight management is simply a case of consuming less calories than we burn – but being happy with our bodies (I don’t particularly care for simple scale measurements) is down to so much more than just eating less. Many people will go for a quick fix – a drastic diet that will see them lose weight quickly, but a diet that is more-often-than-not unsustainable. As soon as we revert to type, all that weight loss becomes reversed, until the next latest fad comes along.

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Someone who understands

I understand the barriers to correct nutrition: lack of time, convenience, taste, ingrained bad habits from our youth… I’ve suffered from them all and was once at least 15kg heavier than I am now, so I know how you are feeling.

How I can help

I’ll take a holistic approach to assessing your lifestyle, looking at everything from where you live, and yours and your family’s past health history, to where you work. We’ll assess your diet and draw up a healthy eating plan that is sustainable in the long term. That doesn’t mean cutting every treat out of your life, but making sure they remain just that… a treat.

Studies show that combining a sensible diet with (even moderate) exercise can enhance a weight-loss programme. As a qualified and registered clinical nutrition therapist and personal trainer, I can combine both elements of my expertise if you wish me to help you with your weight loss goals. A side benefit of eating better, exercising more and losing weight is that they may all help combat and prevent long-term health issues.

What you can expect

  • Before you come I will ask you to complete a nutritional health questionnaire to give me a full idea of your background.
  • At the first consultation we will talk about those concerns before you go away and put some initial ideas into practice.
  • I will run your food diary through professional software to ensure your intake is in line with recommendations, and we’ll assess how your body is assimilating that intake.
  • I’ll develop a nutritional plan to help support your weight-loss efforts. If you’d like help with an exercise routine, I can support you there too.
  • We may have to do some nutritional testing if you have deeper issues – and then I can adapt your plan according to the results.
  • I can provide advice on the best nutritional supplements for you.
  • If you wish, I can do a kitchen assessment of your home.

Get in touch to book a FREE no-obligation 20 minute chat about your needs


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